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If you want to book an appointment to discuss personal education on betrayal trauma or bring in an educational program to your community, please contact Marel Peck our Program Manager. 

Rabbis & Community Leaders

Rabbis, Mental Health Providers, and other Community Leaders...

Are you interested in education about betrayal trauma and its effect on families?

Are you interested in helping those families heal?

Are you ready to start a healing movement in your community?

The Jewish community has great resources for those struggling with problematic sexual behaviors. Now it's time to bring in the educational resources to help the partners, couples and families impacted by those behaviors.  

"There's untold suffering going on inside the four walls of many homes in our communities.

We need to broaden these walls and make our communities a safe home for these families to heal."
- Aviva Kohl
We need to destigmatize and educate about the specific needs so we can reduce harm and promote healing. Watch Aviva's video to learn more and please reach out to get this movement started in your community.
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