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Meet Our Team

The staff at Guard Their Hearts all have specialized training and experience working with the unique treatment needs of those impacted by problematic sexual behavior and betrayal trauma. We also have an intimate understanding of the unique experience of those within the Jewish community. We work within a framework of research-based models in the field today including the Multi-Dimensional Partner Trauma Model and the Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model.

We recognize that each case has individualized needs. There are multifaceted aspects that require special sensitivity and targeted treatment after discovery of betrayal in a family. Our approach is to work in harmony with all the “moving parts” of the healing process. We strive to “juggle” the needs of the betrayed partner and at the same time support the spouse with problematic behavior in his recovery journey while being mindful of the needs of the family system within the context of a community. We try not to lose sight of the forest for the trees. That is why we also strongly advocate for a team approach with all those who are involved in the treatment plan including Rabbis, community leaders, coaches, psychiatrists, Rehab facilities, parenting coordinators, educators and family members. We aim to provide comprehensive treatment so that our clients feel all their needs are addressed with the sensitive care they deserve.

Aviva Kohl, Founder and Director
Aviva Kohl

Aviva is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist a certified PAIRS marriage educator as well as a Clinical Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) Candidate. She is a member of the board of APSATS and has been using the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model (MPTM) as well as the Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model (ERCEM) in her work with partners and couples healing from relational trauma.

Additionally, she has a background in Interpersonal Process Therapy, Narrative Exposure Therapy for trauma and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).  Aviva is also currently a member of Journey Clinical as a trained KAP (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy) Provider.  


Aviva has a special interest in increasing awareness of the traumatic impact of chronic betrayal and problematic sexual behavior on couples and families in the Jewish Orthodox and Chasidic communities. She has therefore joined hands with Barbara Steffens, the founder of APSATS, in creating the Betrayal Trauma Religous Leader training to educate religious leaders as well as clinicians about the sensitive topic of betrayal trauma with religious clients . She works both in the Jewish and non- Jewish communities and is comfortable employing multiple modalities to address the varying needs of her clients. ​

Dorit Reichenthal, Group Facilitator 
Dorit Reichenthal

Dorit Reichental MA, CPCC, ACC, is a retired California Marriage and Family Therapist, certified ICF Life Coach, and founder of RelationshipWork™ Life-Coaching, LLC. She is a founding member of The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS).( a nonprofit organization dedicated to the professional training, certification, public education, research, and advocacy for sex addiction induced trauma.)


Dorit is dedicated to helping clients overcome and heal from the pain and trauma of sexual addiction by using a multidisciplinary  approach incorporating Imago Relationship Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, Sensorimotor Trauma Therapy, and Internal Family Systems. Dorit helps couples and families gain understanding, develop empathic communication, connection, and restored trust. She collaborates with a team of professionals and experts in the betrayal trauma field offering intensive workshops and retreats, support groups, and individual coaching, to identify and address the special needs of the partner, the couple, and their families coping with the traumatic effects of sexual addiction. Dorit and Dr. Janice Caudil’s groundbreaking work on Trigger Busters and boundaries has been published in numerous sexual addiction books and workbooks. 


Dorit’s multidiscipline approach was developed by her years in the mental health field, both as a patient advocate and as an executive administrator at Planned Parenthood of Connecticut and later at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Greenville, SC. 

In 2004, as Executive Director of NAMI Greenville, she initiated and led a mental health task force with community officials to combat an emerging mental health crisis( that successfully worked together to increase the number of psychiatric beds, expand community mental health services, and promote the communities first psychiatric residency program. )


Most recently, Dorit has become passionate regarding the traumatic impact of injustice, known as PTED, Post Traumatic Embitterment Disorder. As a result, she teamed up with criminal defense attorney, Melissa Lewkowicz and they co-host a radio show and podcast, Call For Justice on 790 KABC. 

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