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A Hub For Healing

We at GTH are here to guard the hearts of partners suffering from betrayal trauma, couples who want to heal and those who struggle with problematic sexual behavior who want to repair their ruptured relationships. We also hope to guard the wounded hearts of children who are growing up in homes where their parents are struggling with problematic sexual behavior or betrayal trauma. Additionally, we hope to help educate our community leaders to learn how to best help those who are struggling and to prevent further suffering. 

A space to find help for those impacted by problematic sexual behavior.

Aviva featured on the Apsats Betrayal Recovery Radio with Dr. Jake Porter

Discussing the BTRL (Betrayal Trauma Religious Leaders) Training and the APSATS MPTM (Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model). 

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New Virtual Event!

Betrayed Partners Support Group


Starting February 1st for 6 weeks

1:00pm EST, 8:00pm EST

Online Event

How We Can Help

Listen, encourage, and walk with you as you heal.

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Client Testimonials
I am so grateful that we reached this stage in our healing and I want to thank you again for helping to keep my family whole. - Client
After becoming sober in the rooms of 12 step recovery for several years, my marriage was getting worse. It seemed like I had done everything I could and yet we couldn't get along. We were at the brink of divorce when we were suggested to meet with Aviva. The process she offered to us sounded scary to me, and I was very skeptical and hesitant. She explained the APSATS theory and model and how it allows for healing from betrayal trauma. With her reassurance and encouragement we went through with it. She held our hand from one stage to the next and has brought us to safety, healing, intimacy and freedom.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your help. My marriage and family are thriving, and I am so grateful for your part in it. May Hashem repay you. - Client
I'm so grateful for the way (Aviva) led us through the process and the perspectives and skills she taught us. We really saw how some other models missed the trauma element and misdiagnosed my wife's behaviors in a way that was harmful. We realized that people including professionals were sometimes unaware of what the survivor of betrayal trauma really needs to heal. Aviva guided us and continues to help us build our wonderful relationship.

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